Sh-s203n problem


I have the sh-s203n and have had it for a while flashed it with the latest official firmware and havent really had too many problems outta it. The problem that i am having now is when im done burning a dual layer disk (Ridata 8x burnt at 4x) Nero or Imgburn cannot see my drive at properly and i have to reboot my system for them to see it. The device shows up like this

E: yyyyyyyy yyyyyyyy

But like i said after i reboot all is well again and it sees it as normal. All the normal functions with the drive work perfectly (reading and accessing) Under windows explorer the drive is found with the normal name. But i cannot write until i reboot. I would hate to have to reboot every time i want to burn a dvd.

Any suggestions? (other then getting another burner :))

Hi and Welcome!

a garbled drive name is often associated to a bad data cable. So please check if the cable is undamaged and properly seated. In doubt, replace it.


sorry bout the wait…

yeah I did that, replaced it with a whole new cable and that didnt work. Not sure what else to do now.

Since this is a Sata drive, please report back

[li]what Sata controller is used for the drive
[/li][li]how this controller is configured in Bios
[/li][li]what drivers are used for the controller

Sata Controller? Sorry newb question. How do i find that out? I appreciate your help though.