SH-S203B problems


for some strange reasons after moving my SH-203B with firmware SB04 hangs when i put in store pressed cd/dvd… im able to put in blank media and it detects it as blank but when i put in fallout 3 the drive’s LED just blinks and the drive just keeps spinning and nothing is read… i try an older game cd/dvd such as half life 2 and return to castle wolfenstein and the same issue permits…

is there any solution to this issue or am i SOL?.. ive tried downgrading the firmware and nothing… ive updated my Nforce 4 drivers and nothing…


that sounds like a bad drive. Is there an opportunity to try the unit with another computer?


I think most likely your drive is broken, and you will need to take it back, or buy a new drive. I had the exact same problem as you, but with the new 204N which I only bought today, took it back and the new drive was fine.

I imagine these drives are not very strong, and when moving it got damaged. I was careful with my drive whilst transporting it home, but I guess it was damaged in the shops hands.

Try to test it on a friends PC, but I’m guessing its broken like the one I had.