SH-S203B Problem

So my old BENQ rebadge was giving me woes and after reading the review on here the 203B looked like a good burner. I decided to go with SATA since thats the way it all seems to be going.

Anyway, after getting the drive in and realizing that I can’t update the firmware with my onboard VIA 8237 i bought a Vantec UT-ST300 SATA card which i could update the firmware with. Everything going great so far, firmware updated (seemingly) without a problem.

Now when I try and burn a DL on the S203B through the Vantec card using imgburn it gets stuck on “Setting L0 Data Zone Capacity”, practically hanging the PC to the point I cant open anything else (which is why there are no attachments in this post).

I switched back to the onboard 8237 and I don’t have a problem with the burner, doesn’t get stuck like on the Vantec card and scans look pretty good. The issue I have with this solution is that I cant set the booktype through the 8237 either !

Should I just get a different burner ? i am probably half way to the cost of another burner in coasters at the moment so its getting to the point where I need to cut my losses (i can only fit so many coffee cups on my desk !).

BTW, I am burning on Verbatim DL’s, MKM001.

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seems there are some issues with your controller card, not with your drive.
Is the card set to non-RAID operation mode (BASE firmware and drivers have to be installed for this)?
You might also try another PCI slot.


Well i did load the drivers for the Vantec that were labelled “non-raid” and it only has 1 internal and 1 external SATA connector so why would the card even be in RAID mode. Does anyone know of a way to verify the operating mode of the card ?


if the card is in RAID mode, then it should show up as RAID controller in device manager. If not, then it is shown under IDE controller if I remember correctly.


P.S.: there are some threads in the General Hardware Forum dealing with controller cards, maybe there is one that is useful for you.

The card does show up under SCSI and RAID Controllers, even though I have loaded the non-RAID drivers numerous times.

I think I am going to go back to a PATA drive and find another use for this for this SATA drive, maybe a new build in the future.

Thanks for your help.

The sata chipset controller on your vantec card & the one on your mobo probably doesn’t support optical drives. I’d suggest you buy a pci sata controller card that has the silicon image 3114 chipset. :slight_smile: