SH-S203B, problem burning some DVD images?


I have recently upgraded my “old” Benq 1620 with a brand new SH-S203B in Serial ATA.

So far, I am quite happy with it (good reader, good write quality with my DVD+R and DVD+RW), except one strange problem : :confused:

The Samsung is able to burn most DVD images without any problem. But on some specific DVD images, there is always an error at the end of the burn, when closing disc at once :
“PMA update failure” on Nero, and a similar error with ImgBurn.

The Samsung is still able to read the DVD+R who had this error, and ImgBurn says it has no problem when verifying the image.
But the PS2 is absolutely unable to read this DVD+R ! (unfortunately, my main usage is the PS2)

[li]I had this error the 4 times (!) I tried to burn this specific 3.8GB image.
[/li][li]I then tried to burn the same image with the Benq 1620 : no error, works great on the PS2.
[li]I have also burned 2 other DVD images whose size was between 4.2 - 4.3 GB with the Samsung, and the error did not happen at the end of the burn, and the PS2 has no problem with them.
All the tests were made with Verbatim Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 8x, at the same speed (8x), which all give good scan results >=95 (even the “failed” ones)

I have already upgraded the firmware to SB001, and uninstalled the Nvidia drivers, it didn’t solve the problem.

Have any of you experienced a similar problem ? :confused:

The Program Memory Area (PMA) is a part of the disc used to hold Table-Of-Contents information while the disc is being written.

These errors has been blaimed on media, chipset drivers (nVidia), cause not writing in DAO mode, and, and, and god knows what. In other words these errors are hard to troubleshoot.
I suggest you to first try with DVD-R’s and see what happens.

Good luck and let us know about your progress

Create that image [B]new[/B], then burn it again.

>pinto2 : For the moment, I don’t have any DVD-R. I tried on a DVD+RW, and didn’t have any error at the end (maybe because closing disc at once is skipped on DVD+RW ?)

>chef : I made a new image from the original DVD (Shadow Hearts Covenant DVD1), and the resulting image was exactly the same size and MD5 than my first image of it.
So I didn’t bother burning it again, the result will be the same I think.

I have to ask what else have you upgraded other than the BenQ 1620?

Nothing, I only changed the burner. :stuck_out_tongue:

The computer is still decent (Athlon 64 X2, 2 GB of RAM, good S-ATA HD, etc…), and I didn’t have any problem with the BenQ burning over 100 DVD+R