SH-S203B on Abit IC7 Max3

anyone know if a Samsung SH-S203B will run OK on my Abit IC7 Max3 mobo, its about three years old now, not sure, sounds a great drive, my BenQ 1655 may be on its way out :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome onboard barndoor. :iagree: :clap:
I can tell you that the SATA controller will not present any problems at all.
However I can’t say about the Intel chipset. As I’ve no experience of these.
The SATA controller chip is SiliconImage 3114.
I have / use the addon card equivilant.

Hi. :slight_smile:
$ntel 82801* (ICH5R) southbridge will handle a S203B quite nicelly[B]*[/B]. Just use correct bios settings and you are king. :smiley:

[B]*[/B] I run my S203 on this chip.

Hi Zebadee,
Thanks for that, The SATA controller chip is SiliconImage 3114 onboard my IC7 Max 3, what is your mobo? i assume a AMD CPU if you have no experience of Intel chipset?
Think will try the SH-S203B, and if it does not work, will have to try a add on card.
How loud is the SH-S203B? recently bought a Liteon LH-20A1H DVD-RW which is noticably louder than my previous Liteon LH-20A1P, now sold.

Hi :slight_smile:
As pinto2 has no problems with the same intel chipset. I don’t envisage any problems for you.
I have a BFG nVidia 680i SLI mobo.
So nVidia chipset. But Intel CPU.
My NForce SATA controllers can use ODDs, but I’ve used them up with SATA HDs.
Hence I now have 2 PCI SATA controller cards too. :bigsmile:

Thanks Pinto, am abit of a noob, (still) do you know the correct BIOS settings plz? my only spare SATA connection is 6 which is on the Southbridge ICH5R, yes?

I would gladly help you [I]barndoor,[/I] but it’s all Asus here.

I suggest you to consult mobos manual.[I] Edit,[/I] check out section 3:13ff in manual (eng).

Thanks Guys, now have one on order, should be with me early next week, have a feeling its going to work OK on my remianing SATA mobo connection, will look into SATA PCI cards tho, my other two burners will not last forever, the BenQ is now about 18 months old, will replace that with a SATA burner for the extra speed.

Zebadee, what model are your PCI SATA controller cards ?
Have looked at the 4 Port Serial ATA RAID 0,1 PCI Card

Not thinking about RAID, just more SATA slots

Hi :slight_smile:
This is a two way card that I have.
All SATA cards are raid, but you can flash the bios with a lot of them.
Making them non-raid.
Another 2 way.,395510000
Or even 4 way. I have one of these too.,395510000
The above cards are not the same as mine, but do use the same chipset.
SiliconImage is the important bit.

Bios has three versions.
Black for onboard SATA.
Read for Non-Raid SATA addon cards (referred to as Base Bios).
Green for Raid SATA addon cards.

Thanks for that,,395510000
Must be a good piece of kit, from the reviews, people seem to like it, but dabs are waiting for stock, a v/good price, will order one as soon as stocked.

Zebadee, Hi,
Had lots of probs installing the SH-S203B,


Any help you can give would be great,

When trying SH-S203B on SATA6 , would not boot into WXP, said -

“[I]NTLDR is missing, Press CTRL+Alt+Del to Restart”[/I]

Seems it does not like the SiliconImage 3114 SATA controller chip?

barndoor I see in your sig you have more than one hard drive so make sure in the mobo bios you have the correct one to boot up windows. sometimes when adding a sata drive the boot order will change. :wink:

Yeah. What DVD_ADDICT said.

This cryptic message is given when the boot device on your system isn’t bootable. Putting in a floppy or USB stick can cause it. And changing drives around can also.

Tried again on SATA6,

same “NTLDR is missing, Press CTRL+Alt+Del to Restart”

Checked Boot order, but was OK

Only thing i tried changing was “Boot other device” from enabled to disabled, no joy,

So… tried on SATA2 as Samsung recomend, Booted OK, no error message yet,
(“winlogon.exe has encounted a prob and needed to close”)

checked drive with TSST WIN INQUIRY, shows update tp F/W SB01,
anyone know what the OEM code SB means?

Samsung Build (?) :smiley: