SH-S203B not reading certain discs

I apologize if this is well-worn territory, but I’m new on here and this is a problem that’s just popped up and is really irritating me. My drive has decided that it won’t read certain burned DVDs. Data DVD’s that I’ve burned with video files seem to be OK, and I’ve been burning some ISOs of stuff that also seem to play back fine. But my roommate has given me a couple of DVDs that he’s created (not sure what program he’s using or anything of that nature) that play just perfectly well in my standalone player, but for some reason when I put them in the burner everything hangs. It doesn’t recognize them, and I can’t explore the drive through My Computer (for a moment I thought maybe it was a Nero problem, so I thought maybe I could just copy the VIDEO_TS folder manually) cause it just freezes up. Once I eject the disc, the computer is fine again, but until then it just hangs.


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Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

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Need more info from you like what’s the brand of dvd media that can’t be read by your drive? If it’s low quality dvd media such as Memorex, TDK, Office Max, Office Depot then it could be why the discs can’t be read back by your drive. Find out the media id of those dvd discs. Have you tried changing the sata cable? Does the drive burn discs okay? Can it read commercial dvds? What’s the sata controller chipset of your motherboard? It could also depend how the dvd disc was authored and by what program he used. ;):slight_smile: