SH-S203B doesn't work on VistaX64


I’m trying to install a S203B writter on Asus P5N E-SLI using Vista Home Premium X64.
The drive is recognized at Bios, and i use it to install Vista, and everything seemed Ok. But it’s not Vista doesn’t recognize it. I already update the Jmicron drivers and the nforce drivers, and it didn’t made any diference, i suspect that a firmware update would solve the problem. But since Vista doesn’t recognize it the firmware update software doesn’t run.

In the device manager the S203B appears but it has a small exclamation point on it, saying that there is something wrong with the driver, i changed the writter, the cable… and nothing…

I hope that someone could help me out.

Thank you very much.

can you put the S203 on the nvidia sata controller?

jmicron is suspect

It’s a nforce 650 chipset, but it seems that all sata controllers are Jmicron.

no, not all sata controllers are jmicron, some board companies might add jmicron or sil to the board for 2 extra sata ports.

what software did you install? this could most likelly be bad low level filters that come with some software that are not compatible.

You are right, it looks like sata ports are both nforce and Jmicron, (2 red ones for nforce, and 2 black ones for Jmicron), the software installed is the one that comes with th writter the Nero 7 Essentials.


yes, but what version of the software? not every version of nero 7 is compatible with vista.

In the device manager the S203B appears but it has a small exclamation point on it

I don’t think that’s related to nero

I just solved the problem :slight_smile:
I went to the regedit and cleaned up the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}”, and the Samsung started to be recognized and already “burns” the only problem right now is that the “device manager” putted it in a “unknown device” category, it doen’t make any sense, but it’s working well :smiley:

The nero version is

If you could give me some help on this, I would really be glad :slight_smile:

Thank you.