I want to buy the samsung SH-S203B drive, because your review on it was soo good, but i only have a IDE interface on my motherboard , and your review was on the sata interface , so i wanted to know if the SH-S203B IDE interface is also good?


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The 203 has no IDE version.
The nearest thing to that is the 202.(Not quite the same performance, though not bad.)
You could buy a [B][U]PCI SATA[/U][/B] controller card.(Enabling you to use the 203.)
However if you don’t want to ake this route.
The Pioneer 112D (if you can get it, the 115D).
Would be an excellent alternative.

Thanks for the fast replay
I would have buy the 112D but i sow that he might have reading problems.,,2076_310069579_484923529,00.html
I could not find the 115D in Israel.
Well i dont really know what to do?
By the way whats the diffrent between the 112 and the 112D?

Hi and Welcome![QUOTE=no_alone;1940736]
By the way whats the diffrent between the 112 and the 112D?[/QUOTE]112D has DVD-RAM write support disabled in firmware. That’s the only difference.


why do the 112D has “DVD-RAM write support disabled in firmware” why is it?
whats the benefit ?

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The problem referred to in your Pioneer link affected early batches only.
This has been retified. So you shouldn’t have to worry about that.
The RAM feature is an option that some wish for, others don’t.
So it is about choice, not quality etc.
(May have to do with licensing too.)

Thank you very much for your help, I decided that i’ll buy a pionner 115 as soon as it’ll be availeable here in Israel