SH-S203 not detecting


running intel e6750, asus p5kse, 2x sata seagate HD’s on vista business

I have windows running and bought the Samgsung SH s203 dvd writer and im trying to get it installed. I plugged it into sata port 3 on the mobo. when i boot up it doesnt get recognized by the system. Ive gone into bios and designated ports 3/4 as cdrom and that hasnt worked. Ive tried all combinations of plugging in the 3 sata drives into the sata ports. no dice. Anyother ideas?


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if your drive is not even detected by BIOS, then it might be just a bad one. You might also try a different cable.
Any chance to try in another computer?


acer123, have you tried to configurate SATA ports as “IDE” (Enhanced+IDE) page 4:14 in your manual. :slight_smile:

You’r running two SATA HDD’s now, so I have no idea how they are configurated or if controller allows “IDE” setting for your HDD’s.

But then, you have two PCI slots (ooops [I]only[/I] two on this mobo). Get a SiliconImage SiL3x12 PCI add-on controller and I’m sure you’ll be able to run all your HDD’s and the new S203* without a problem. Just remember to use correct SiL (BASE) drivers.

BTW, I have hard to believe your S203 drive is damaged or faulty in any way.

thanks for the responses!

the sata ports are configured for enhanced+ide… if it helps im running seagate 7200.10 320gb HDD’s. im gonna try upgrading the bios, see if that helps

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I recall seeing something about problems with this mobo.
So it is possible that updating the bios will help.
If not, as pinto2 points out. There’s always the PCI SATA controller card route.
Just make sure it is SiliconImage chip based.

ok updated bios and still doesnt detect it… dahhhh

Just a ( stupid / dummy ) question. In BIOS screen or at POST the drive is detected ? are you test with “auto” setting in the devices at bios ?

ok im an idiot.

i switched the cable connecting the dvd drive with one connecting one of my hdd’s and it works…

can anyone explain this? lol


Bad cable. See post #2:


Fine you’re up and running now :slight_smile: