SH-S202N doesn't burn Verbatim DVDs?!


I just bought a new Samsung SH-S202N DVD-writer, but I haven’t managed to burn any DVDs with it yet. I tried to make a copy of a Verbatim DVD-R, which contained a couple of TV programs originally burned succesfully with our Panasonic DVD/VHS-recorder.

I have tried the burning with Nero Express OEM (came with the Samsung drive) and with Nero Burnig ROM both having similar difficulties. Reading of the source disc goes fine but the burnig process or simulation stops right at the beginning.

Discs that I have been using for these tests are Verbatim DVD-R 8x (Photo printable surface), Verbatim DVD-R 16x and Verbatim DVD-RW 4x.

Nero gave the following error messages that you can see in the attached images (I used 8x recording/simulation for 16x media):

I’m running Windows XP Home. Samsung drive managed to burn an audio CD-RW just fine from a couple of .wav -files, that layed on my hard drive.

Any suggestions as I don’t have any ideas what to try next ? :frowning:

I’m very grateful for any help. :bow:

Verbatims are good media most of the time but could be a problem with the drive? Welcome to the forum.

Use ImgBurn to burn dvd media. :wink:

Hi again!

I tried ImgBurn to burn Verbatim DVD-R(W) and it seems to work allright at least after a couple of test burns. Strange that this problem would be burn software related… But thanks for the tip DVD_ADDICT! :bow: :bow: