SH-S202G & TYG03 should I get good results when I scan my burns? (Samsung SH-S202G / TS-H652G)



[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung SH-S202G / TS-H652G. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi,

I just started scanning my burns to see how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ my burner is with the discs that I’m using. The media I’m using and testing is TYG03.
So far the results I get are decent according to what I read is acceptable (not too much over 280 pif and no more than 20 pof) but I’m not getting anything like the scans I see everywhere.

I’m using the same SH-S202G to scan the disks using Kprobe.

Firmware is the latest official.

Should I be getting better scans or can I blame the age of my burner as the reason the scans are not so good?

By the way, all of my burns have always worked for me on any dvd player I have tried them on.


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It might help if you post a scan of the disk here in this thread. Save one of your scans on your computer. Then, in this thread click on Go Advanced at the bottom of the page. Hit Manage Attachments and upload your scan.


I’ll do that once I get home. I know posting an image of what I get is probably the best way to show you guys my results.

Thanks Kerry56


Hi and Welcome!

please keep in mind that the scanning results obtained with a Samsung drive are often not consistent. Individual drives may scan reliable, other units may not.
The only way to find out if your own drive is an acceptable scanning drive, is to compare the scanning results with those obtained with a “known good” scanner like Liteon or Nexperia Benq or (real) Plextor.

Provided, your TYG03 are genuine stuff, I would not be worried about not-so-good-looking scans, especially if these were done with a Samsung drive.



I forgot to post my scans when I got home so that’ll have to wait.

I’ve been using mostly TYG03 for a good while and have not had problems so far but I don’t usually play the discs more than a couple times. the only device that has given me troubles is one that also has troubles reading pressed media so I’m not to worried about it.

I’m glad to hear my scans are probably unreliable. I’m pretty sure I’ll find someone around with a Liteon. I’ll scan the same discs to compare.

Thank you guys.


Here’s a scan. Actually I think it is pretty good compared to the first discs that I scanned. This one was burnt at 12X. I think burning at 2X or 8X is the problem. I’ll keep track of a few more burns to see the outcome. For now I’m happy with the 12X result. If any other speed is supposed to be better then I’ll give it a try.



set scanning speed to 8x, please.