SH-S183L = TSSTcorp TS-H653L?



I read a lot of posts on the net saying that both drives are the same. Is there any SH-S183L firmware that I can flash to the TS-H653L? My TS-H653L is having serious problem since it won’t read a lot of my data dvd-r and labelled them as blank dvd in vista.


Is your TS-H653L an HP OEM drive?


Which media do you use for your DVD-R?


My TSSTcorp TS-H653L came with the HP m7750n PC that I just got so I think it’s an OEM drive.

DVD-R media that I tried:
Ridata 8x DVD-r : able to read
Smart Buy 8x DVD-r: able to read
HP 8x DVD-r: unable to read, disc showed up as blank dvd-r
Maxwell 16X DVD-r: unable to read, disc showed up as blank dvd-r
Memorex 16x DVD-r: unable to read, disc showed up as blank dvd-r
Ridata 16x DVD-r: unable to read, disc showed up as blank dvd-r


Have you updated to the latest HP firmware for the drive. I believe it is 414 now.

The only -R media I have used was while doing reviews on other drives but I can say the the H653L does great with most +R media.


I believe the problem is the crapped Vi$ta.


The drive came with the 414 firmware already, I want to flash it again with the same firmware, but I can’t find it anywhere.


It is available from HP support site.


I tried, unfortunately, it’s for XP only, can’t run on Vista.


Do you have a second system or maybe a friend with a system that will run SATA burners; if so, pull it and install it there long enough to run the firmware update then put it back in your Vista system. Just a thought


it will work on vista if you run it in xp compatibility mode. I did it that way and it worked just fine.


I am having the same problem with this drive. How do you change the compatibility mode?


and to the guy asking about permissions, right click it, choose propeties, the goto compatibility tab and selcted xp, thats what i did and it worked fine.


Hmmm, I recently purchased a Pavilion with this drive. Has anyone seen it show supported write speeds higher than 16x on any DVD+R 16x media? They claim it burns DVD+R @ 18x but I’d like to know what media they’re talking about. So far I’ve tried Tayo Yuden, Verbatim, Ricoh, Prodisc and I always get 16x or slower.

Prodisc which has been burning great @ 16x in my 4 year old HP 640b drive only shows write speeds of 4x and 8x in this thing!! So far I’m not impressed! :sad: