SH-S183L Problem burning with Nero7

Every burn i do, it never closes the disc and it leaves it open. Anyone know what causes this?

Running: Vista 64bit Business/Latest Nero 7/Intel 965P Sata Controller

That is because you have selected that, disable Multisession!

no i have it selected to finalize a video dvd still doesn’t close it, defective burner?

Tried it manually in Nero?

“Finalize Disc”

the only place i can find it, is if i put it to regular dvd data format and finalize with no new data, still doesn’t do it

Try with ImgBurn & see what that does.

imgburn = same results, im going to try the jmicron controller when i get home see if that makes a difference

Well, connected the burner to my Jmicron Sata controller and everything is working good. I guess this burner doesn’t like the Intel Sata controller on my AB9 Pro board with ACHI on?