SH-S183L - Just bought, doesn't read discs

My new DVD burner isn’t reading discs and I think it’s because the mobo only allows SATA hard drives and not optical drives, but wanted to get some opinions before I RMA this sucker and go back to IDE. Here’s the info on my system, first off:

OS: Windows XP SP2
Motherboard: Asus P5PE-VM
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400

I decided to upgrade my DVD burner to something more recent than 3 years old and decided to give the SH-S183L SATA drive a shot. The drive I’m replacing is IDE but I have a SATA spot open on the mobo so I figured what the heck.

Got the drive today, installed it, flashed the firmware to the latest version, and…the drive won’t read/detect discs at all, it seems. If I insert a previously burned CD-R just to see if the drive reads the disc, the activity light on the drive flashes rapidly for a second or two and then just stops and nothing happens. It doesn’t bring up the autoplay menu to ask what I want to do or anything. I’ve tried it with burned CD-Rs, DVD-Rs and store bought CDs and it doesn’t see any of them. Just for reference, the same CD-Rs and store bought CDs work just fine in my CD burner in this same computer, so it’s not a media problem.

In the Windows device manager it sees the drive and lists it as “TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-S183L”. If I check the properties it says the drive is working properly. Under My Computer it lists the drive as “DVD-RAM Drive (F:)” and even if I’ve inserted a disc into the drive, if I double-click on the drive to open it I get a popup box that says “Please insert a disk into drive F:” as if no disk at all is in there.

If I go to the BIOS on startup it has the drive listed under something like “IDE Master Channel 4” or something of that nature. So, obviously the system is detecting the drive, it just ain’t working properly.

So, what do you guys think? Incompatible motherboard? Wouldn’t be shocking since my mobo was dirt cheap and I only got it because it allowed me to upgrade to a dual core processor while still using my old-ass equipment such as old DDR400 RAM and an AGP video card in order to save money. It’s cheap and not very flexible so it wouldn’t shock me if it isn’t compatible with SATA optical drives. The only real clue I have about that though is in this little blurb in the mobo manual regarding the SATA connectors on the mobo:
“These connectors are for the Serial ATA signal cables for Serial ATA
hard disk drives.”

Bah humbug is all I can say. I hooked this drive up expecting to try out my new toy and instead it’s just going to be headaches and frustration, especially considering I’m going on vacation in less than a week so I don’t know if I’ll have time to order another drive and have it get here before I leave.

Hi and Welcome!

first question: how is your SATA controller set up in BIOS? It should be in IDE compatible mode (not RAID, not AHCI).
In addition, use MS default IDE drivers instead of IDE drivers from the manufacturer (exception: use latest drivers from VIA if the board has a VIA chipset).


I have that exact problem to :confused:

My set up :

Motherboard: Asus Striker Extreme
OS : Windows Xp Sp2
CPU : Intel 2 duo 2.13
HD : Hitachi 250 gb

Same problem for me as well. Came here looking for help/suggestions. I’ve got an EVGA 590SLI AMD mobo, and it’s no workie. :frowning: