SH-S183L, can not boot DVDs

I am working on a new build (2nd rig in sig) and am trying to install v!sta…however this drive will not recognize DVDs. I get a boot disk error everytime I try to boot it.

I have tried the xp CD and it works with no problems…

I have read a ton of threads regarding this burner…but nothing with this specific problem of cd recog and dvd non-recog.

Firmware flash is next option, but I wanted to get some informed advice before I do that…



Are you set up with RAID? Disable it and try.

ok…stupid question time, I will try and disable the RAID array…but then how do I set it up if/once the dvd boots???

no go on disabling the array…
next up firmware upgrade :rolleyes:

edit: Firmware is latest revision…

…so I have it installed on my primary rig and it autodetects just fine in XP…hence how I used to discinfo to check firmware revision…

any ideas

Hi and Welcome!

as you have installed the drive in another computer: are you able to boot from that DVD on this computer?
If you have a fast internet connection (and a flatrate), you may also try some different boot CD. There are lots of Linux distros that are distributed as DVD ISO images. In addition, you might just create a copy of your Windows DVD, maybe this works.

It is worth mentioning, that some users of Liteon drives also had problems with Windows Vista installation DVD discs.


Thank you Michael…

Yup…I could boot from my other rig, hmmm…

I am currently dling an ubuntu distro to test. Will let you know. Were there any workarounds for the light on problem???

I cheated…I am installing Vista using one of my IDE drives, oh well.

Glad you got it worked out :wink:

If at first you dont succeed…quit and try a diffrerent drive :slight_smile:

Ok I am reviving this thread…cause I have it a wall of frustration!

My SH-183l refuses to recognize DVDs at boot…

I would really like to overcome this problem…I have the most recent firmware, and it is recognized in the bios…what suggestions do we have to overcome this problem