SH-S183a with Abit KV8 Pro Motherboard



Hi, I’ve been sifting through the posts on this board and have found very similar problems, but nothing to fix this. I have the SH-S183L DVD writer with a Abit KV8 Pro Motherboard. This MB has 2 SATA ports, one is connected to the 183L and one is connected to my Seagate 160 GB SATA HD. I’m having the common problem of only being able to burn at 2-4x. I updated the firmware on the S183L with the samsung liveupdate, so it’s up to date. any ideas?
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Hi and Welcome!

At first, make sure, your SATA controller is not set to RAID mode. HDDs might work, ODD will not.
Secondly, get latest Hyperion Pro drivers from and install them. Do NOT install any RAID stuff! If there are RAID drivers installed, uninstall them before.



I’m in Device Manager, I see the VIA Serial ATA RAID Controller, I can uninstall it it says, but will this do anything to my HD which is plugged into SATA?



check your BIOS settings first. SATA controller must be set to SATA, not to RAID, if you want to run your DVDRW drive.
I do not know if changing the setting will affect the data on your HDD, so you should backup your data before. An external HDD should be okay for that. Better safe than sorry.



Hey, I fixed it! For anyone else with this problem, I went to the website you suggested ( and downloaded the Hyperion Pro Drivers list. I didn’t uninstall anything on my computer because I didn’t want to screw up my HDD. I just ran the installer for the Hyperion Pro Drivers. This updated my SATA drivers, and when i inspected them with the “VIA RAID UTILITY” that came with my MoBoard, the dvd burner was listed as ‘ultra dma’ whereas before i installed the drivers, the DVD burner wasn’t even listed under the “VIA RAID UTILITY.” Confusing, but now i’m burnin at 12x, so hooray! THANKS MICHAEL!



glad, you sorted it out :clap: Have fun with your drive. :slight_smile: