SH-S183A Unable to erase CD-RW's or DVD-RW's


Im a newbie to these forums, this is my 1st post so be nice! :bigsmile:

Well i have a new self built system

and i made my this drive my 1st SATA DVD Burner…

i have just installed the newest SB04 Firmware.

im using nero

whenever i put a rewritable in the drive and attempt to use the erase function, it tells me the disc, be it dvd or cd, is not a rewritable.

I can go upstairs to my old pc, using the same version of nero, but an older LG dual later burner and it erases the disc 1st time.

Is there any checks i can do, or settings i can try to turn this feature on?

Thanks, any help will be appreciated.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

First question…do you have Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools installed (on the machine with the Sammy)?

Hi, thanks for the quick reply.

Yes i have daemon tools 4.10 installed…

i also have it on the other machine.

4got to mention im running vista home premium on the machine with the samsung burner.

OK, can you check in Daemon Tools for an option called “Hide CDR media” or similar. Make sure that’s not checked.

If that doesn’t help, give ImgBurn a try - it often works where Nero fails. :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks…that worked…turning off the “hide cdr” option.

any idea why that happens? cuz the drive burned fine, and read everything i threw at it.

It’s a “feature” of Daemon Tools (Alcohol has something similar as well) - it hides the fact that a disc is writeable, so you can play your backed-up games/software without it knowing it’s not the original disc. :slight_smile:

(Note the quotes - sometimes, as you’ve found, it can cause burning software to think the disc’s not writeable as well!).

Edit: And you’re most welcome. Happy burning! :wink:

Thanks, that was a great tip. I was having the same problem. Unchecking the option in alcolhol120% solved the same problem.