SH-S183A Spindown with screeching noise


my sh-s183a sb03 on Intel DG965WH Mainboard with all latest drivers and firmware, SATA set to RAID took to a strange behaviour halfway through a 25 spindle of DVD+R Verbatim 16x media (ZD8076-DVR-T47D): When starting the writing process, the drive spins down after the lead-in, making a horrible screeching sound, tries to spin up again and hangs. Nero will then hang and the drive will blink furiously. Speed was set to 18x or 16x, same results. The first 15 disks of the spindle were burnt correctly before. (Same result with Nero, BTW).

Should I take the drive back, has anyone experienced a similar behaviour and would be willing to help?



Welcome Manfred,

As a general rule SATA shoud not be set to RAID (nor AHCI) in the BIOS when using Optical Disc Drives. I don’t know if this is related to the screeching noise though. Is the problem there when burning only or also when reading discs?

Thanks for the welcome.

I know the RAID issue, but unfortunately I need RAID. The problem doesn’t seem to be there, though, as reading works very well and the strange noise (somehow like the breaks of a bike when raining) only appeared after successful burning of about 50 DVDs since I own the drive.



since the drive worked for you in the past, I suspect, it went bad for some reasons. I would contact the vendor for a replacement under warranty.


Same Problem here.
Screeching noise and now a burnturn stopped at 25%. Have a Hardwareraid too. Raid 5 with 3 harddiscs an an S183A.
Will test wether it happends at another PC too.
Firmware SB02