SH-S183A,SH-D163A combo not working, Windows XP

Hello Forum,

Since a few weeks I have a new PC. Initially I only had the DVD-burner (SH-S183A, SATA) and everything was OK. I have 2x Samsung HD321KJ in RAID.

After 2 weeks of usage I recieved my DVD-reader (SH-D163A, SATA) and added it to the PC. My problem now is that Windows (XP, SP2, fully patched) is not recognized. I reinstalled Windows using updated drivers (Intel Matrix) but it still didn’t solve my problem. When I disconnect one of the two the other is working OK. So it’s a conflict in Windows when both devices are connected.

In the Intel Matrix Console, both drives are shown correctly (same in BIOS).

My motherboard : Asus P5B Deluxe WiFi.

As far as I know, all things (BIOS, firmware, drivers) are up to date.

Anyone an idea what I might try next to solve the issue.

One more, since I tried switching SATA ports the second DVD SATA device shows as a simple CD-ROM in Device Manager of Windows, but it’s not working correctly.

Thanks for any reactions and ideas.


ps. just to be sure, I’m talking about the following two models,

Please post a screenshot of that.

I think I found a solution. I put one SATA DVD device on a red SATA port (aka. master) and one device on a black SATA port (aka. slave). Now the systems boots a lot faster, I have both devices in Windows and they both work.

Lets hope in the days to come that this keeps working.


ps. for red/black ports, if you’re interested check out the Asus P5B Deluxe manual…

For SATA master and slave DOESN’T EXIST.

Let me rephrase it then, red ports are bootable, black SATA ports aren’t. But that isn’t quite true either, I’ve can boot from a SATA DVD device that is connected to a black port.

Still my problem seem resolved. I have both devices now in Windows and they both work fine. I have no idea why it didn’t work when both DVD devices were using a red SATA port. Only problem left is that the DVD reader is a lot less “responsive” then the writer or is seems much slower. I should benchmark I suppose.


I’ve just built a new PC and got the SH-D163A SATA drive at the same time. I also have a LITEON DVDRW but thats IDE. The SH-D163A is detected in the BIOS fine and appears in windows fine, but doesn’t read DVD-R discs! Works fine with DVD-ROM and DVD+R discs but not DVD-R. My DVD-R discs are Taiyo Yuden so a good make. I’ve checked the firmware and it’s already got the latest version.

dnoiz, have you had any issues with reading discs/compatibility? Any ideas?