SH-s183A / SB00 with bad disc (MCC004 and CMC

Too bad, my brand new Samsung SH-183A dvd/cd-writer doesn’t come up to my expectations.

With the MCC004 disc’s (shouldn’t be the best around ey?) i’ve got good results
samsung mcc004 2.jpeg

On the other hand, the CMC MAG M01 are horrible at the end of the disc’s. Disappointing because i’ve got another 90 of them waiting to get a nice tan :a
picture of the results…
samsung platinum CMC MAG M01.jpeg

It’s so bad that my XBOX wouldn’t read the final chapter of a very nice movie from Kevin costner…

Should i throw them away or just wait untill there come’s a nice firmware upgrade?



Burn them slower, obviously.

Burn slower, whats the point of buying an 18x burner???

Here’s an new result, this time i burned an mcc004 with 18x :bigsmile:

Agin her also now ay the end some problems, but this time with the mcc004 disc’s. Maybe ill try one with 8x burning and see what that’s bringing…
samsung with mc004 new batch 18 speed.jpeg


Here’s a 8 x burn of an mcc004 disc, not better than the one with 18 speed ay??? Its an mcc004 from india…
samsung mcc004 8 speed.jpeg

Looks to me there’s a firmware upgrade needed…

Anyway, this is all good enough for me, so it will do for the moment…


Scan with the Samsung.

Scan standard with your NEC 3540 is 5x.

Latest firmware for 183A SB01.

here a pic with the nec at 5x testing the disc of above…not better…just different.
mcc004 brn by samsung test nec 5x.jpeg

The samsung isn’t capable of testing with nero cd/dvd speeddvd unfortunately.

What i will do is test it with K-probe and the samsung okay?


here it is, seems better uh?
test2 with samsung mcc004.jpg

this is tested with k2probe and the samsung…


Do the scan again at 8x.

You can use CD/DVD Speed if you edit in reg database.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ahead\Nero Toolkit\CD Speed\CD Quality

Under Blocked erase TSST and Samsung

I’m not familiar with editing the register. Can i just remove the blocked item or do i have to alter the item. I’ve tried removing en altering but still cd/dvd-speed doesn’t accept the samsumg drive. Can you help this NOOB?


Here’s the 8x scan with the samsung drive and the SB01 firmaware…/
samsung test2 8x sb01.jpg

Its strange that the test differ so much…


The NEC 3540 isn’t a reliable as scanner.