SH-S183A also Lead-In problem


my S183A Writer has also the Lead-In problem (like 182), my DVD-Player has big Problems recognizing des Discs burned with it. With the new Firmware SB001 the problem remains. What can I do? I already wrote to Samsung .

Use other media.

Why are you sure this is also the Lead-In problem here? Only because your player has problems?

That can have many many other reasons.

I used Verbatim, TDK, Emtec and Ridata, always DVD-R, i tried also different speed. But finally, i turned the Discs and compared with discs burned with my old burner, i’ll scan later two Discs an attach the Pictures, so everybody can see the difference.

Here are the Pictures:

With Firmware SB00:

With Firmware SB01:

To compare, with my old LG burner:

All three are Verbatim 16x Media, ID: MCC 03RG20

Thanks for the scans, that makes it easier to pinpoint the issue.

No problem, I am in contact with Samsung Supoort, I sent them the scans too.

Hi again,

Samsung Support replied, they think the drive has a defect, I should send it back to Samsung. So I will bring it back to my Computer Dealer and hope the new drive is here before X-Mas :confused:

What did happen? Did you receive a new drive?

I am having exactly the same problem. In fact, I don’t have the problem since I don’t have a standalone DVD player, but the lead-in is the same.
Is there someone having a “normal” lead-in with this drive?

My SH-S183A with firmware SB02 also has this problem.

In this thread they got a CDFreaks edition firmware for the 182 model, maybe there’s a chance of getting a 183 CDFreaks version? Or even an official new firmware that fixes this?


where can I find detailed information on the LEad.In Problem, and is it confirmed that all
SH-S183A drives have it? Does it only concern DVD-R or also DVD+R writing?

This is the first time I hear of thisproblem :frowning:


Here: this thread is about SH-S182, but the 183 is the same hardware apart from the interface.

and is it confirmed that all SH-S183A drives have it?
This is a firmware problem. It seems as if a newer firmware broke something on the 182 drives at least.

Does it only concern DVD-R or also DVD+R writing?
Only DVD-R is affected.

This is the first time I hear of thisproblem :frowning:
Well, Liteon’s 6S series also had this problem, there was a large thread in the Liteon forum:


According to my technical papers, there are also other hardware differences on the SH-S18x series which may vary from batch to batch.

Sony HWS-290C
or Optis

[B]LD Drive: [/B]
Sony SLN255SL
or SHARP GH16P24A8C3

[B]Spindle Motor:[/B]
or NIDEC 20C184B1-2

[B]Stepping Motor:[/B]

[B]Loading Motor:[/B]
or JOHNSON PC200DG-21651D

[B]Flash Memory:[/B]
Macronix MX25L1605A

[B]Memory SDRAM:[/B]
ESMT M12L16161A
or ETRON EM636165

The bottom line here is there is a firmware issue related to -R lead-in. Samsung knows about it and they know how to fix it. It is present in the 18x drives and the Sony 830A/U drives. The big question is do they plan to fix this? I suspect it will only happen when enough pressure is put on them to get it done. Samsung is, at best, slow to address problems with their drives. The cdfreaks special versions are O.K. but an official global firmware release is needed to address all of the drives with this issue.


Thanks for that additional information.
So this would mean, the difference in hardware between two SH-S182A may be the same as between a SH-S182A and a SH-S183A (interface neglected), as the Samsung folks just use the parts that are actually delivered to the plant?


I had a similar problem with my 183a. I use programs to burn my DVD’s that use the VSO burning engine with the pattin couffin driver (1click dvd copy). I also had an extra version of copy2dvd installed and it was the exact version number as my backup software was so in theroy they should co-operate fine. Well, i couldnt get a burn lead-in time under 1min , some nearly 2mins :a:a

My 18x burns were going like 6mins plus what is terrible IMO.

I decided to remove all my backup programs and anything with VSO or the pattin couffin driver off my system, including copy2dvd. I then re-installed my backup programs and thats all, then attempted a burn. Now the 183a has a acceptable lead-in time of 25 - 35 seconds. I have used this drive for about 2months and havent had a repeat of this long lead-in since i removed the causable “conflicting drivers”. Thought this might be helpful to some of you.

I realise that many of you use nero, so this maybe a totally different issue. :bigsmile: