Sh-s182m write problems

Had a person who was using a Samsung sh-s182m to burn movies and was using cheap dvds. He wanted to use inkjet printable dvds so had him order Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R Media White Inkjet Hub Printable 100 Pack in Tape Wrap (Premium Line) from supemediastore . He then started getting skips and stops in the dvd while playing them. I took one of my Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R Media White Inkjet Hub Printable 100 Pack in Tape Wrap (Premium Line) to him and it played fine after he burn it. I noticed that his disc started with sb while the number on the one I took him started with MK. Do not know if this means anything since both are supposed to be premium line. I also brought one of his disk to my house and burned it on my pioneer 111d and it played fine for me. I did notice that under device manager his computer did not show the IDE controllers which I had never seen before. Looking down the device manager I did fine a unknown which is where the primary and secondary IDE controllers were found. It did not have a yellow question mark and it did show the Samsung drive as working DMA 2. Do you think the IDE controllers showing as unknown in device manager might be the problem? Not to impressed with what I have read online about the Samsung sh-s182m drive wish he had bought the pioneer drive as I told him to. If all else fails I can take one of my pioneers to his house and install it and see it the disk burn ok . I have never got a bad taiyo youden premium disc from supermediastore but there is always a first time.


some SH-S18x drives have problems with -R media, so +R should be preferred at all.
Also, some problems might also be due to improperly installed IDE drivers - and using a soldered 3rd party IDE controller (very common with most modern intel based mainboards) won’t make things better. This is independent of the drive you are using. In that special case, you may try to (re)install MS Windows standard IDE drivers. Before doing that, installing the latest mainboard chipset drivers from the chipset maker, but without the IDE part if possible.

About the media, you might have a look in the Blank media section.


The motherboard is a micro-star international co gamila/giovania/nreon series 030.

Yes I think he should remove and reinstall the Ide drivers I for one do not like the fact that it shows the IDE controller as unknown in the device manager.

I had read also that the sh-s18x drives have problems with -r media

I think it would be better just to replace the drive witha pioneer and get away from the samsung.

The samsung sh-s18x drives do have a problem with DVD-R but I was able to rectify this problem by installing the DVD-R lead-in fix version of the sb03 firmware available here. It’s worth a try as it genuinly seems to have fixed my sh-s18m.

EDIT:- Not to say that this will sort a bad burn but it fixes lead-in burning problems with dvd-r. The firmware also makes the burner region free.
The lead in problem I had was the only problem I had with this drive. The drive seems to be a solid burner and can’t be faulted by a firmware mistake.

Get that ide problem fixed as the drive won’t run properly with that kind of problem.