SH-S182M won't recognize TDK DVD-R

I have a Samsung SH-S182M DVD Burner (in external USB case, running WinXP SP2). Haven’t had any problems until I put a blank TDK DVD-R in it.
It spins and spins and won’t stop. It still works fine with Verbatim DVD-Rs.
What does it mean when the DVD burner won’t stop spinning a blank disc?
I have a 100-pack of these TDKs. I’ve tested 3 and they all do the same thing.

Now I’ve tested 10 and none will work.
The weird thing is I know it worked with one before, because I was able run DVDInfo on one of these TDKs a while ago, when I first got them. They are actually made by Daxon. I think it was DAXON016S. But now I can’t even get a reading from DVDInfo because the drive just keeps spinning with blinking LED. I don’t know what to do.
What could I possibly have done to my drive to make this happen? I have not done a firmware update!

Maybe another app is interfering here…

Thanks for reply -
I don’t have any DVD apps running.
Even after a reboot with nothing running (startup list is very clean), if I put a TDK disc in it just spins and spins - the cursor goes to CD icon and back and forth forever. It won’t settle down. My Verbatim discs work fine though.
I am baffled.

Is it possible that I just have a whole 100-stack of bad DVDs?

seems to be problems with dvd-r and this drive. Your dvd’s are not bad. Please use samsung firmware live update to make error report to samsung. Maybe if enough people do this they will fix the problem.

Pss182m, have you had the same problem with this drive?

It works fine with Verbatim DVD-R as well as DVD+R.

But it worked with the TDK before!?!?
So confusing.