Sh-s182m serious help!

i bought (2) sammy sh-s182m the guy at best buy said they were a good product…and instead of coming home and checking on the different brands i bought. well i have them set up as master/slave and am having problems with the firmware downloads as well as when i put in a blank cd-r or dvd-r it reboots my whole system. i was using memorex cd-r and sony dvd-r then i saw the list for supported media and i tried maxwell and am still having problems.

dma is set on (2) and can’t get it to go higher
also (2) hard drives there dma is (4)
windows xp sp2

any help would be great…including what media to use…i’m at the point of returning them,and have read good things about them…please help

Have you got the jumpers set right and are you using an 80 wire IDE cable? I a, running two samsung (182D+182M) with no problems.

I have two as well and they run fine, What are the problems? do they burn? read?
How are you trying to update the FW?

Ok Yes The Are Jumped Right And I Am Using 80 Cables
When I Put In A Blank Cd-r Or Dvd-r It Reboots My System

What are your system specs?

so try only one, maybe it’s insufficient power problem …???

"What are your system specs?"
Also any cd?dvd? can you run nero info tool?
unplug the cable and change it.
try one at a time,what FW?

Are they jumperd cs and cs?