SH-S182M-SB06 - Is trusty Drive done?

1st Post here … Hi all

Recently noticed higher number of media failures which generally coincide with locked up burning software and non-responsive disc tray which can only be resolved by rebooting.

Drive also started making mechanical noises during spin-up. Wondering if I simply reached end of life cycle or if there are tweaks I could attempt before buying new hardware?

Burned around 600-800 DVDs in 21 month of ownership and this thing has been rock solid. Checked connectors and pocked around filters and such, everything seems fine.

Any tips are appreciated.


Hi and Welcome!

failing burns and mechanical noise does not sound good :eek:
Apart from buying a new drive, you may open the unit, clean it carefully and slightly regrease the mechanical parts.


Can you tell me what the serial number of the drive is?

[B]mciahel[/B] is correct, when a drive makes loud or mechanical noises which it normally never made the drive is probably defective.

[QUOTE=sosa2006;2300123]Can you tell me what the serial number of the drive is?[/QUOTE]It is better to communicate hardware serials via PM.



S/N below


I suspect drive is history but will attempt a good cleaning first.

While entry fee remains high I am contemplating jump to Blu-Ray. Just don’t know how well my response might be to first $10 coaster :eek:

Thanks for the reply