Sh-s182m read/write problems



I am using the Samsung / Tsstcorp sh-s182m as a burner. I have the latest rpc1 SB04 firmware for the device.
I write everything at 1x as I have a slower computer I use it on. I also only have Teamspeak running while its going.
Items used;
DVD+R DL Verbatim
Most discs burn fine, i have had about 3 in 60 discs that are bad. The bad discs burn fine but do not play on my JVC XV-S300. I cannot read any of the burned DVD+R DL movies on the drive I burned them on either, when I click on it it just says G:\ is not accessible Incorrect Function. However, they TDK single layer discs will read.

This is not my biggest gripe however. Movies from this drive as well as my Memorex burner on my main computer when played on my JVC player seem to stop between layers. It is not every disc I use, but quite a few of them. I thought maybe it was my player but it is only on the burned discs and not the originals. This causes me to have to fast forward to the next chapter then rewind to where it left off. When it hits this midpoint, the time counter goes crazy.


You cannot burn PLUSmedia at 1x.


well thats what i have my prefferred speed at in CloneDVD anyhow, Im sure it doesnt write at that.


Now I am getting the common I/o processing error.
File g:\Video_TS\VTS_01_1.VOB 1117 TCSectorReader



set the write speed properly according to the media you are using. The minimum speed for 16x rated DVD+R is 4x. Modern high speed burners and media don’t perform well at extremely low speed.
Setting unsupported write speed in your software might lead to unpredictable results. This may be the reason for your bad discs.



Will try that, thank you. What would be the reason that none of the burned movies will read in my Samsung burner. It will just give me the incorrect function error.