SH-S182M read-write problem

I am new at here. I’ve used the search for looking solution to my problem but i couldnt find anything.

I have SH-S182M, i can’t write a CD or DVD.
Exact model: “TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-S182M”
My region is 2 (Turkey)

Also, when i try to playback a DVD movie, its stucks frame by frame. DVD sound too. I hope you got what i mean.

I used to have S00 firmware, i’ve updated to S06 but i have still same problem.
Can anyone help me?

Sorry for my poor English.

check of your drive is in udma2 mode first, from what you say it sound like pio-mode.


How can i check that?
My 1st IDE channel = UDMA5
2nd IDE channel = UDMA2

I checked that in Device Manager.