SH-S182M problem



I recently bought an SH-S182, internal. I’m using the newest version of Nero. I’ve made sure my drives are in DMA. Virus/Adware scanned. Performed a disk clean up and full defrag. I have the latest firmware for the drive (SB03). The drive is set to Master on the Secondary.

Anyway, I only import .VOB files into Nero so I don’t have to wait forever for it to encode everything. SmartEncode is enabled too. When I set the drive to burn DVD’s at 16x, it’s taking between 12 and 16 minutes. Nero says it’s Transcoding and Writing, which I assume is normal and no extra encoding is being done. In the upper right corner of Nero, the display shows the movie while it’s burning. I notice that every 5-10, sometimes 20 seconds, it pauses for a second or two, then keeps going. Before it pauses it’s going pretty fast, but after it pauses, the speed goes back down and it does it all over again. It’s like it can never burn at the speed it’s supposed to in order for it to take about 6 minutes total. (I’ve burned test dvd’s that take only 6 minutes, so at least I know the drive works.) I’m using Sony dvd-r 16x media, which I know aren’t the best, but I’ve burned dvd’s previously that took under 7 mins. Also, SB03 supports these discs at their rated speed.

Dunno what the problem is but any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Windows XP home
Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz
2.0 GB ram
160 GB HD (only using ~ 60 gigs)
Radeon 9800 pro


You’re not seeing the movie while burning, this is the transcoding process. Suggest you “burn” to the “Image Recorder” (which puts an .nrg image file on your hard disk) first and do the “real” burning (of this image) to disc afterwards. It’ll be less confusing.


okay, but why does it have to transcode if it’s already in .vob format? and it must be writing at the same time because as soon as the credits are done in the display, the disc is finished.


I don’t know what’s going on there, but you shouldn’t transcode and burn at the same time. Something’s wrong with that set-up. The .vob files may be too big and it’s re-encoding them to fit onto one disc.


nah, all my .vob files are exactly 4.3 gb or less. i specifically limit them to 4.3 gb when i convert .avi’s to .vob with WinAvi. afterwards, nero imports them fine, joins them together since there’s usually 4 or 5, and they total 4.3 gb or less. anyway, why is nero transcoding .vob files is my main question. could i eliminate the transcoding process if i import mpeg2 files into nero instead? i basically just want to be able to burn at 16 or 18x without encoding/transcoding/whatever with nero.


I’m using the newest version of Nero
Nero or Nero Express ?

If Express give Nero a try - it sounds like it thinks the files are non DVD compliant and is therefore automatically re-encoding everything.

Nero sometimes just reports this and allows you to continue with the burn although it will probably say that the disc may not play. They generally do though with most newer players. :flower:


I have Nero 7, licensed. It’s not Express. I have no choice on whether or not it transcodes. It just does it, and when it’s done, the disc is done. So I assume that it’s burning and transcoding at the same time.

If I have an .avi file, what is the absolute quickest way to get it burnt to a dvd without any complications with Nero?

Now, I normally convert the .avi to .vob with WinAvi, then import the .vob files into Nero - which joins them together. Then I make a menu and burn at 16x. It says transcoding and writing, which takes 12-15 minutes until the disc is completely done. In the display, after the credits are done, the disc is done.

It’d be better if I could eliminate that transcoding process. Why would it transcode .vob files anyway? Especially with SmartEncode enabled and Video/Audio ratios at 100%. Would importing mpeg2 files into Nero instead of .vob get rid of the transcoding process?


You cannot eliminate the transcoding process as you’re joining multiple files plus making a menu and all this needs to be converted into a single dvd-structure. Just don’t burn to disc at the same time.


I think we are assuming you are importing the .vob files into Nero Burning Rom however your last post suggest this is not the case - especially if you are making menus, joining files and talking about ratios.

By making menus etc your are changing the structure of the DVD and thus re-encoding / re-authoring is required - this cannot be avoided.

If you wish to use this process, although I’m no expert with all the Nero applications, to burn at X16 etc you’ll need a fully compliant and correctly structured / authored file in order for Nero Burning Rom to simply burn.

The only way you can achieve this is to use whichever part of Nero you are using to create the menus etc and save the completed files back to your hard drive. Then import these files to Nero burning rom or express and all should be OK.

With regard to mpeg2 files the above still applies in order to burn the DVD.


I’m using NeroVision to make my dvd’s. I’ve never used Nero Burning Rom. If I import the .vob files into Nero Burning Rom and burn, will I still be able to play the disc in a standard dvd player? How does that work without a menu? When the disc is inserted, does it just play automatically?


There’s nothing wrong with adding multiple files and creating a menu with NeroVision, but you can’t output this process to the Samsung immediately. It has to go to the Image Recorder or a Hard Disk Folder first, before you burn it to disc.


If I import the .vob files into Nero Burning Rom and burn, will I still be able to play the disc in a standard dvd player?

You should be OK and the DVD should automatically play without menus.

The only problem you may have is that you talked about joining files. If you mean that WinAVI exports mutiple .vobs etc for each single AVI file that is encoded this is fine. However, if you are trying to join seperate encoded AVIs together we are back to the original re-encoding / authoring situation.

Assuming its the multiple .vobs etc for a single AVI simply import the folder containing the .vobs etc and nero burning rom or express should be fine.


Yeah, I meant that multiple .vob files result from ONE .avi But anyway, basically, if I want to make my DVD look somewhat nice with a menu, chapters, etc etc. with NeroVision, even if I import .vob/mpeg2/etc, I’m still going to be faced with roughly 8-10 mins of transcoding time? If I want to just burn the fucken thing, import the files instead into Nero Burning ROM or Express and it’ll burn without transcoding/encoding/etc. and when inserted into a dvd player it’ll just play. I’ll try it out.


Hi there.

I have the same problem (I guess) with the same burner. While burning DVD’s, the burner makes some sounds, the light of the drive goes off and the speed goes down. Some secs later the speed goes back up. It isn’t DMA or source problem, the disc buffer remains near 100% but the drive buffer sometimes goes to 0. That happens only while burning DVD’s, CD’s @ 48X don’t have any problem. Maybe it’s just me but I guess that this happens more in top speeds, like 12X or so.

Just now, I tried burning a DVD and the result was a DVD with about 10 circles on the layer. :confused: But that just happened once.

The drive is new, maybe is faulty? Firmware is SB03.



Nope, the drive is using different write methods and also the QUALITY of the media is counting.