SH-S182M Problem - Recognizing Data on CDs and DVDs

I recently bought a Samsung SH-S182M combo odd and installed it myself. I was replacing 2 Plextors (CD 40/12/40A and 716) because I was having issues with them and wanted to test my theory that it WAS the Plextors. (Just unplugging them sort of proved that too.)

Anyway, back to the Samsung - At first I got some erratic behaviour such as; sometimes the drive would show as only a cdrom in my computer, it wouldn’t always recognize blank media, when it did recognize media - it was very slow to to so. I deleted the upper and lower limits and this seemed to fix the recognizing blank media issue. But now it won’t recognize any burned (commercial or otherwise) media. It reads as a blank disc.

Any input would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

You can blame m$ for that, their nice feature…

After calling Samsung, they say it’s a hardware issue. There’s one laser to read and another to write and the one that reads isn’t functioning. (I assumed the same laser was recognizing the blank disc?) They want me to request an RMA at my expense. Unfortunate since this was an issue out of the box and I bought it Jan 19 - spending time troubleshooting. Now it can’t be exchanged at the POS. Hopefully this is resolved with no further hassles.

Hi and welcome,

as also your Plextor drives didn’t work properly, I am not sure if there is something wrong with the drive. Is there any opportunity to try the drive in another computer in order to sort out issues with your system?