SH-S182M only burns DL at 2.4x

so here’s the dilema:

I received my new Samsung SH-S182M drive yesterday in the mail. I installed it and my computer recognizes it just fine. When I try to burn a DVD+R DL, it tells me that the only supported speed is 2.4x. I have another NEC dvd burner hook up, and it can burn my DVD+R DL at 8x no problem…is this a driver issue?

I downloaded the liveupdate tool from samsung, ran it, it says I have the latest firmware.
I am using VERBATIM DVD+R DL, they burn at 8x in my NEC drive, but not in my Samsung.
I am running Windows Vista.
I dont have any other brand of DVD+R DL to try, I honestly don’t want to use anything but Verbatim.

So why won’t the sammy burn at 8x…

What’s the rated speed of the Verbs? My SH182M with firmware version SB03 will only do 2.4x (MKM001) at 2.4x (along with my Benq 1650) whereas my Pio 111L will do up to 8x and my Liteon 1635 will do 4x.

Some burner firmwares offer overspeeding but not all brands are like this and Samsung are in the never category.

The Verbatim’s are rated at 8x and they burn at 8x in my NEC but only at 2.4x in my Samsung.

is this a lost cause? if it is, im returning my samsung drive.

here is a picture of the packaging. it says 2.4x, but then it also says ‘up tp 8x with supported burners’…and the samsung says it can burn 8x DL…

Well that media code is MKM001 i’d say and your firmware will only allow it to burn 2.4X. If you want to burn faster get media code MKM003. It has a slight different label.

My Samsung S183L does the same thing. Only 2.4X with MKM001’s

Also MCSE will not let you change speeds with your firmware at this time.


is there a modified firmware somewhere that will allow me to burn at 8x?

and what kinda of discs are media code MKM003?

not that i know of sorry.

Verbatim brand but label is different. Say’s 4X,6X,8X i believe on label instead of 2.4X

I think I found it:

not availible as a spindle pack yet

It’s on the Verbatim website:

these need to get cheaper…and have lightscribe…gg super cool technology

Yep that’s what you need to burn faster than 2.4X

Yes it would be nice to have cheaper and LS.

Here’s what we would like to do but ala42 cannot figure the checksum out so we can swap media codes. It won’t work for Samsung drives at this time.