SH-S182M Noise / Reading Issues

Hey all,

I recently put together a DVR box and got a SH-S182M to use as a dvd reader/writer for the system. I was able to use it to install knoppmyth, but whenever a disc is in the drive it makes horrible noises (not really clicking or grinding…i’ve never heard this kind of thing before). It almost sounds as if the disc is rubbing against the drive as it’s spinning, but the discs aren’t being visibly scratched. It seems like whenever it makes this noise, the disc stops being read and in some cases can’t be read again without opening/closing the drive.

I tried to watch a retail dvd in mythtv and xine couldn’t load the media, saying it couldn’t read the dvd. Just as a check, I tried to backup that same dvd to the hard drive. It got a few minutes in but then suddenly stopped and could no longer read the disc (noise again, but only for a moment).

The drive is hooked up on its own IDE cable (it’s the only IDE drive in the machine) and also on its own power cable to the PSU (430W CoolerMaster). The drive jumper is set to master.

Anyway, not sure what’s going on. Anybody have ideas or should I RMA it?


I have the exact same issue. Only happens with DVDs. When I put a blank DVD in, it sounds like it’s rubbing against something in the drive. When I eject it, it is still spinning in the tray. I’ve had this drive (SH-S182D) for a few months and never had this problem. Just started last night. Any ideas??

Make sure you didn’t accidentally put a disc in the drive with one of those foam spacer rings stuck to it. That happened to me on my old CD drive and it took a while before I noticed the ring and yanked it out with a tweezers.

Have you upgraded to the latest version of the firmware? You might try that before RMA’ing it…

No, I didn’t put anything extra in the drive. It works fine with CDs and store-bought movie DVDs. It’s just when I put a blank or burned DVD in that I have this problem. Upgraded to the latest firmware already but it didn’t fix the issue

Hi, Sounds the same on DOS?? I got the same on Windows system… It’s a VIA controler - IDE/ATA device? If it is (works fine for me), change it for the generic driver of windows Dual controler