SH-S182M causing audio/video problems

I recently bought the samsung tsst corp cd/dvdw sh-s182m, and after installing it i started experiencing an audio and video hiccup every time i played music (mp3) or any kind of video. it sounded like stuttering every second or two. my cpu usage was also up 10% when there wasn’t any applications running. i tried updating the firmware (SB02) but that made things worse. the audio/video stutter is now more pronounced, and cpu usage is up 25%. i went into the device manager and disabled the cd/dvdw, which instantly fixed the problems. has anyone else experienced these issues, and been able to fix it?

Hi and welcome!

At first, please check your DMA settings:


All hail Michael, you are a genius! Everything is working perfectly. Thanks.

Michael, i spoke too soon. things are still not working. as instructed by the link you sent, i looked under the IDE ATA/ATAPI controlers in my device manager, but there was nothing labeled “channel” as described in the link. what is there are the following entries;

NVIDIA CK804 ADMA controller (v2.7)
NVIDIA CK804 ADMA controller (v2.7)
NVIDIA CK804 Parallel ATA controller (v2.7)

in properties of the first one, under primary channel, the master seems to be a hard drive with a transfer mode of serial ATA DMA, nothing under slave or secondary channel.

in properties of the next one, there is nothing at all under primary or secondary channel.

the last one, there is nothing under primary channel. however, the secondary channel has the master drive as my other hard drive with the transfer mode of Ultra DMA 5 - Ultra 100, and the slave is the DVD burner with a transfer mode of Ultra DMA 2 - Ultra 33.

does this make any sense to you, and is there something wrong in the way it is set up?