Does anybody know or heard anything about the Samsung SH-S182L lightscribe drive??

I just bought the S182D and am getting amazing results.

There are no infos about a Lightscribe version of the S182 unitl now.

VikArmo, could you please post some scans from your S182D. :flower: I’ve started a new thread here to display scans from your drive and there is another thread here for 18x burn scans. Thanks.

Any chance for a RPC-1 firmware for the 182D?

pfloyd1, see my post here (same applies for the 182):


that’s the lightscribe model

Found that the other day.

Thanks for that phazeii. I’ll try and order one today, if I can find one. Why did they name it ‘M’ instead of ‘L’, like their previous models?


This is getting really annoying :a . I just found out about models S183A (S-ATA) and S183L. As far as I can tell the S183L is the same spec as the S182D but with LightScribe.

Does anybody know anything more??

When the 183A is out, I’ll get one! :bigsmile:

Nice. Where can you order the SH-S182M? And what is the expected retail price?

I have both the 182D and the 162L. They compliment each other very well. Both have excellent scans. Retired my brand new 1650 as I was not impressed with it at all. I am very pleased with both the Samsung drives!