SH-S182L and bitsetting?



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My S183L doesn’t. But no worry here as all my stand alone players will play +R/-R’s no problem.



This is strange, as the SH-S183A does (according to the preview), also does my SH-W163A. You can’t change bitsetting options with Nero CD/DVD Speed, but it works with Nero and ImgBurn. Changes done with these applications seem to be permanent until you change them again.



Yeah i know but you said out of the box :wink:

Are you sure you named this thread correctly?



well, my 163 did (out of the shrinkwrap, as I bought it bulk), and so I understood “auto bitsetting” in the preview of the 183A.

Are you sure you named this thread correctly?
Feel free to suggest a better one :smiley: It was at least my best approach…

Edit: Changed title to “SH-S183L and bitsetting?”



so are you saying the SH-S183L does not default to DVDROM… :sad: :Z


You can use Imgburn.


Crap…I hope this will be fixed in a future FW!!!


I use Imgburn for most of my dvd burning. When using the 183L drive for the first time I did set it in Imgburn to booktype to dvdrom for dvd+r media. Since then it will default to bitsetting to dvdrom on it’s own. I’ve never had to set it again within Imgburn. :stuck_out_tongue: