Hi all
Can some one please advise me ?
Just recently got a Samsung SH-S182D the firmware is the latest SBO5. I keep getting media errors reports when using copying programs like 1ClickDVDCopy CloneDVD2. I am using Verbatim DVD+R x16 YUDEN000 TO3. I was using a Sony writer and I very rarely got a coaster with this media. Seems like every other disc is duff now. Whats happening is it the media or the drive? The error is reported as soon as the program goes to write.
Any advice much appreciated my pile of coasters is getting bigger :frowning:

Anyone? :confused:


What error do you get exactly?

To exclude a software problem, can you try to do a burn with a different program, for example ImgBurn?

Another thing you can do, to exclude problems with the burner, is run a create test disc with cd-dvd speed, so you can see graphically what happen during the burn.

Moreover, check if DMA is enabled (see link in my signature).

Hi geno88
The error I get using Clonedvd2 is:

Write DVD 10 11 W2
write error occurred ,probably caused by bad media etc etc

DMA is enabled. I will try the test disc with cd-dvdspeed .
Thanks will let you know :slight_smile:

What version of CloneDVD2 are you using?

Hi Alan
I’m using Clone DVD2 Version

Hi :slight_smile:
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Try this latest version of CloneDVD2’s a beta).

Try burning at a lower speed.

I normally burn at 4x . Anyway I reverted back to SB04 F/W and used ImgBurn to burn an Xvid file that I converted with ConvertXtoDVD and everything went fine…so far so good :slight_smile: .
@zabadee I think I’ll stay with for the mo…hey yeah thanks for the advice over at as well… see ya there
Cheers All bossa :wink: