Sh-s182d will not recognize any blank DVDs

Alright, I have a Sh-s182d by Samsung and it won’t recognize any blank DVDs. When I stick the blank DVD in the drive, it recognizes it as a “Blank CD” with 0 bytes used space and 0 bytes free space.

I did upgrade to the latest firmware to try to fix this problem. I have disabled my IDE and the DVD drive on separate occasions and rebooted so it would reinstall via Windows, all to no avail.

It seems to me there have been problems with this drive other people have had similar to this but no thorough fixes?

If there is something I need to include, some other information, just ask and I will update as soon as possible!!

Thanks a million for any help

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

9 times out of 10, the Blank CD thing is a bug in Windows Explorer. What happens when you open up your burning software and try to burn a DVD?

I was using “DVD Flick” to change an AVI to a DVD compatible format and burn, but it did nothing. However if you give me 15 minutes I can check it out with something else.

OK, will do :slight_smile:

Also, do you have Alcohol 120% or anything like that installed? That can make burning software think a disc isn’t writable, and can be fixed by changing a setting.

I had Daemon Tools installed but I uninstalled it. There is another setting I need to change? Please tell!

If you’ve uninstalled it, that’s where it gets difficult - had it still been installed, you could have changed a setting in that as well. What to do once it’s uninstalled is a little beyond my expertise.

If it was still installed, you could’ve unchecked Safedisc Emulation and seen if that helped. :slight_smile:

Just to check, though - does it read CD/DVD media OK? Burned or pressed, that is :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay got sidetracked. I’m trying to reinstall Daemon but it is downloading so slow, about to check new software, but yes, it does read regular DVDs fine (games movies and whatnot) and CDs. I just have never burned anything in the 6 months I’ve owned it and just found this problem.

The problem may even be elsewhere, such as the media you’re using, but I’ve seen this problem with virtual drive software several times. :slight_smile:

Well I got Nero from my friend as I cannot find my copy of it and I’m trying it now, it appears as if it is burning, the light is flashing and NEro is giving no problems so I will report back soon!

bam it worked thanks for the help anyway!!! sorry to take your time lol!!

Hey at least a change of software worked, much better than fiddling around with DT :wink:

Okay, this problem just started occurring with my NEC drive. When I have the drive empty, it reads in explorer as a dvd burner, however, when I insert a dvd, it pops up an autoplay message telling me I’ve inserted a blank cd, and after that point reads as a cd drive. When I try to burn things to it (even if they’d be small enough to fit onto a cd-r) it won’t let me, brining up an error message. I can still burn backup dvds using itunes, but nothing using explorer or nero. Any help anyone has would be amazing!