SH-S182D .... Whats A Good Upgrade?

So I currently have a SH-S182D works great, absolutely no problems. But im wanting to go ahead and upgrade to a 20x or faster that is sata and it doesn’t need to have lightscribe.

What are the best Samsung Burners right now?

only samsung? then the 203, but if you want to try something new consider the Optiarc 7200A/S and the pioneer 215/115.

You are looking for sata or ide?

I’d go for the Sammy 203x or the Optiarc 72xxS :slight_smile:

I have the 203N (LightScribe model), and it’s a lovely burner.

Regarding the 182D…great drive, I can’t bear to part with mine, and still have it installed in my other PC :smiley:

Edit: Pssst…vroom - he wants SATA :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies

I am Looking for Sata… I like my 182D so much I would prefer to stay samsung or maybe try pioneer.

SH-S203B or Pioneer 215D. Remember though that the Pioneer does not booktype Dvd+R media without a little help.

I would like one that allows me to change the booktype with imgburn…will the pioneer do this?

No you will need to do this with MCSE.

It’s not that tough to do, just run the stock 1.18 through MCSE, et voila, the Pioneer booktypes Dvd+R to Dvd-Rom.

Why not SH-S223Q? Great esp. for DVD DL. :slight_smile:

^ Very poor cd writer for my needs, and also not good at 22x.

@ vroom: My Samsung 223Q even produced 1% higher jitter values than my Lite-On LH20A1L with Verbatim DVDs MCC 004. So I think the jitter values might be the cause of your (audio?) CD problems, too.

I wouldn’t burn @ 22x right now, since there are no 22x certified media and I see no reason to buy older burners with almost the same price.