SH-S182D Riplock disable firmware?



SH-S182D Riplock disable firmware?

Is there a firmware for this drive to disable the riplock? I tried the MediaCodeSpeed but it didn’t work. Any help please?


NVM Sloved. The custom firmware from cdfreaks did it. TYTYTYTYTY


Where is this firmware?


Never mind, found it!


OK. Where might this be???


can anyone confirms tat this removes the riplock


Does not change a thing for me, max rip for pressed DVD is about 8X


hmmmmm figured it only fixes the lead in problem


let me bench agian to make sure.

I do a avg of 9x now instead of the 6x i use to get. its some improvement none the less. I’m thinking of selling this on ebay or seomthing and getting a nec instead