Sh-s182d problem

hi i just buy a sh-s182d_SB02 but when i try to burn anything to it it gave me a writer erro and create a audio cd, wear, then o try to update the frimware to SB003 but same. i read a treat of the lea-in and i go back to SB00 but nothing change plz if someone know whats happening help
pther thig the dvd i burn has a wrote area then a blank and other wrote area


What exactly did you do by using what media and software??

srry for the late reply but i was on vacation, the problem was media i change from vermatine dvd-r to memorex dvd-r and work then i burn the same proyect (nero 7, data ) to the vermatine dvd.r and give me the error so if any know how to repair it plz tell me i bought a 100 vermatine dvd cause my old burner workd whit them

I would try a different burning app. 1st. Maybe IMGburn, which is free. Verbatims are good disks so that shouldnt be a problem.

thx ill try and report what happen

back again i try the sofware but it cras whit the new media then i retur to nero and work i think this burner is really crazy but i keep try in so if any one have any solution plz post