SH-s182D on vista? help!

My brand new shiny sh-s182d isn’t recognized by vista…anyone have this problem?

I think the drive is fine…I updated the firmware while it was connected to a windows xp machine, and it worked beautifully. When I moved it over to a windows vista build 5600 machine, however, vista recognizes it as a SCSI DVD-RW drive, and refuses to allow anything to burn on it. itunes…no. windows media player…no.

the only drivers listed as being installed for the device are cdrom.sys, and i am unable to manually install any others. has anyone else had this problem? ive been reading all these nightmare stories about these drives being terrible in all kinds of ways, read-in errors, etc…should i wait until the commercial version of vista comes out and hope it works on that? or should i try a different brand/model while newegg will still give me my money back?

any help would be…amazing.

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The ide channel you have connected the 182d to, have probably drivers installed for Raid.

What chipset does your motherboard use. NVidia, Ati, Intel or ?.

Have you installed any drivers for your motherboard.

I don’t know about Vista, but with XP the problem disappear when using Windows XP native ide drivers.

sorry it took me so long to get back…i was away from any kind of internet connection for winter break… i installed the GEAR beta drivers for vista, and the burner now works with itunes, however vista itself still does not recognize the drive. my motherboard chipset is intel p965…its an ASUS p5b deluxe…i have the latest firmware installed for everything…mobo, burner, the works.

I also have a P5B and the same problem. Windows finds my burner, a NEC 3500, in the device manager but quickly deletes it when I try to use it.

If this m/board has the Intel chipset and the JMicron 2nd IDE/SATA controller.
If the drive is connected to the Intel controller download the drivers setup application here.

If it’s connected to the JMicron controller. Un-install the JMicron drivers and allow Vista to find the default MS IDE drivers.

the drive is connected to the jMicron controller. I uninstalled the JMicron JMB36X controller and driver from the device manager and rebooted. Upon reboot, it said “a necessary file ‘jraid.sys’ is missing, and windows is unable to start”, so put in the windows vista installation dvd and selected “repair startup”. It looks like I’m stuck with the JMicron driver though…by defualt Vista installed the JMicron driver, and not an MS IDE driver. Not sure if this is helpful, but I’m running Vista RC1 build 5600. Hopefully the real release of Vista will be more compatible with the hardware.

Ouch. The best way to have gone about this would have been to remove the JMicron software and drivers by using add/remove programs. Then running device manager and scanning for hardware would have installed the default IDE drivers. :slight_smile:
The nice thing about Vista is in most cases you can remove the drivers in device manager, or replace them without restarting the PC.

excellent…the add/remove programs method worked. you are a beautiful human being, and i thank you profusely. one final question though…if i want to do a RAID setup at some point, i will probably have to re-install the JMicron driver…will that screw up the samsung drive again?


I could really need help too.

I got the same problem as well, with this Samsung Writemaster DVD writer SH-S182D on Vista.

The driver that came along with DVD Writer doesnt cooperate with Vista; I suppose that means It wont be able to burn? I havent tried to burn anything yet though.

But as far as I know, it doesnt have any drivers, only the standard from windows.

Havent installed any drivers on M/B, and its an Nvidia chipset.

check windows media player and see if it says you have a burner installed. that seems to be the easiest way to check if vista is detecting it as a burner and not just a standard ODD.

do you have a jmicron or other similar RAID driver installed? it wont necessarily be listed under the samsung drive…but it should be in your add/remove programs. uninstall that (unless youre using it). it worked for me.

also, samsung just released a new firmware for this drive (i think its SB05). make sure you upgrade that, since they may have fixed the conflict with raid drivers.

Im not sure where to look in Windows Media player. It doesnt say specifically that its a burner device, but when im looking in “disk management” It detects it as a

TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-s182D ATA Device

Unittype: Dvd/cd-rom-drive

Fabrique: Standard cd-rom-drev

Does it say anything whether or not it is a burner?

To reply your question, I havent installed jmicron or Raid drivers.

But ill look after the firmware, thx!

I actually have the same problem. I just installed vista and I get write errors!