SH-S182D firmware SB04

Samsung has released a new firmware for its great SH-S182D.

Nice find!

Uh, oh, where are all the posts that imply that Samsung is under conspiracy??! :-X

This firmware has been out for a week already, I do not find it any different then the previous, but that said, I only use MCC004 media, they may have added new media codes.

I am sorry. I saw the date at the page (23/10/2006) and thought it was new. I didn’t know it was released weeks before.

The last two firmwares have be available through the Samsung auto update program
before they are on the web site for download that’s why you missed it :wink:

Better go back and flash the drive with SB01, unless you only use +R discs.

The threads about the messed up lead-in with -R discs are mounting. SB02, SB03 & SB04 all have the messed up lead in with -R discs.

I guess 182M has the same problem using the latest firmware SB02, since it was released the same date with 182D’s SB03, right?


Mine uses SB03 (Lead in is bad too) but flashing back to SB01 isn’t dangerous :confused: , what about the medias I had burned (with SB02 and SB03, Will they be readable?

This Lead in problem, what does it cause? :frowning:

Thanks a lot :bigsmile:

luckily i prefer +R medias.

i was wondering something

won t it be a problem if I was applying the SB04 - patched RPC1 firmware or the
SB05 - patched RPC1 one normally destined for the Samsung SH-S182M to my external writer SE-S184M ?

if someone could confirm that, should be really appreciated

Is it possible to downgrade the firmware for the samsung drive ? if yes how ?



SE-S184M is exactly the same drive as SH-S182M. Just check your own with Nero Info Tool. So there shouldn’t be any problem to apply that firmware. As usual, flashing modified firmware will void any warranty.

Is it possible to downgrade the firmware for the samsung drive ? if yes how ?
No problem. Just run the Samsung flash tool. There will be a warning that you try to flash older firmware, but that’s all.

btw: you were posting in a SH-S182[B][I]D[/I][/B] thread :confused:


thank u mciahel for your reply
i manage to downgrade
i put back the SB04 because i am experiencing some burning problem with the se-184m writer (error readig data) burning procedure interrupted

i posted a thread regarding my issue here:

thank u