SH-S182D detected instead of 182M

I bought the SH-S182M at Microcenter, but after installing windows detected the 182D.

Where can I get a driver to tell windows that I have the M - or is it possible that the guys at Microcenter messed up the drives (it`s an OEM and came in a simple bag)??


Hi and Welcome!

go back and return the drive if you wanted a [B]M[/B] and got a [B]D[/B] instead. The M has additional hardware to support Lightscribe, the D has not.
There should be a sticker on top of the drive: What can be read there?


It only says DVD Writer model SH-S182. But I did a check with Nero Info-Tool and obviously it is the D not the M.

Okay. I think, you know what to do now :wink: