SH-S182D burning problem HELP!



I’ve owned this drive for almost 2 months. I installed it with no problems. I use this drive primarily for burning dvds. About 10 days ago I tried to burn a dvd and my computer shut down as the process entered the finalizing stage. I thought I had a corrupt file.
I ripped the movie using DVDFab and DVD Shrink. I then tried to burn it again using Nero StartSmart. Same problem.
I’ve updated all the software. I’ve updated the drivers and the firmware. I’ve even tried using DeepBurner and Roxio (thinking maybe it was a burn software issue). I’m still having the same problem. I can’t seem to get any help from Samsung Tech Support so I’m here. Can anyone help me PLEASE???


Did it shutdown or restart ? If it restarted you need to turn off automatic restart on system failure.

The BSOD will give you info to help indentify the problem. Could be some bad ram or corrupt OS