SH-S182D Bitsetting

How does the bit setting work with SH-182D? Does it rememeber it like Benq and others? Does it have to be set with every DVD like the SH-S162L. I returned my SH-S162L because it had to be set with every DVD. With SH-S162L I had to insert a DVD and set it to DVD-ROM with Cd-Speed. Then it had to be done agian when I used a new DVD.

try setting it with ImgBurn, seems to work for me

Still a PITA with the burner with me now, got to set each and every time. btw, ImgBurn does not work either on my set. Let me go flash the latest firmware later to see if things do improve.

Then something is wonrg “with your set”.

Forgot to update this thread but SB02 seems to work with ImgBurn which now says booktype is DVDROM but CDSpeed insists that the default is still DVD+R - a rather confusing situation.

Not confusing. There is permanent bitsetting and temporary bitsetting.

And I guess your 1 line answers are most enlightening too… oh well, as I had said in another post, Samsungs aren’t quite the most user friendly burners around.

Still I’ve got to thank you for bothering to reply, cheers.

So what are we saying here? Does the bit setting stick or does it need to be set for each burn? What does Samsung expect people to use to change the bitsetting?

I think the software (Nero Burning Rom) that comes with the drive. :flower:

I’m not 100% sure about that (because I’ve not many Samsung drives), but it seems to me that some Samsung/TSST drives & firmwares don’t allow permanent bitsetting… :frowning:

OK but what happens if you want to use a burning app that doesn’t support setting the bitsetting at the burn time like Nero does? Obviously Samsung doesn’t have a tool to do this or you would have mentioned it :(, or do they expect you to use Nero CD/DVD Speed.

This matter was brought up a while ago by the OP in another thread and he was cheesed off enough to return his Samsung then.

At the rate things are going, Samsung has to improve on its user friendliness else I don’t think its ownership rate is ever going to improve much.

This is what I get if I use CDSpeed to change the booktype settings, it says OK but notice everything remains as it was. In other words, there is no confirmation that the setting went ever thru’ unlike other friendlier burners. And booktyping does indeed work but only for that disc in the burner at that time. The next disc you burn will revert back to +R as booktype - bad booktyping implementation indeed and I thought my LG GSA-4163 was bad enough (hey thanks still, alexnoe).

PS: For a moment, I thought there was something more about Samsung booktyping capabilities that we didn’t know… what a disappointment cos I was about to do more reading into Samsung burners in this sub-forum.