SH-S182D and Nero/Superlink (buffer underruns)



Does anyone know what the Superlink feature on the SH-S182D is – is it to pause the laser as part of the buffer underrun protection, in addition to the burner’s 2MB hardware buffer?

I’ve searched around and haven’t really found anything on the net. The reason I ask is b/c intially, when I installed the SH-S182D, I got horrible results for my first 6 burns: 4 of them were essentially buffer underrun errors (the first was officially a “buffer underrun” error, then, after updating to firmware SB03, the other 3 were called “invalid write state” errors but essentially were the same: 80mb Nero buffer emptying out, then the 2MB hardware buffer emptying out, then the drive halting).

I realized that part of it might be Nero, because I didn’t install the version Nero Express that came bundled, but rather kept right on using my non-Express Nero. The did seem to recognize the burner properly, and did note that it had buffer underrun protection (generically – it did use the burner’s 2MB hardware buffer), but when I updated to thru the Nero website it now had a new checkbox on the burn tab for “Superlink” which I’m pretty sure wasn’t there before.

Is this Superlink for pausing the laser mid-burn? This seems to be what was missing before, with the buffer underruns, but I’m not sure (don’t have enough cd’s to burn to test for the time being, and want to get a better idea of what’s going on, since I might RMA the unit if it’s defective).

Does anyone know? Thanks very much for any help.



… If that was not enough, also include is the Super Link technology. When Super Link is used, it monitors the buffers and slows/stops burning when incoming data buffer is empty. It then resumes when the data catches up later on. This helps in preventing burning ‘coasters’.


Thanks chef!

I guess if what’s in that thread is true, that Superlink is always on (regardless of software support), then it can’t be the reason why I was getting those buffer underruns (before I set up Nero properly, that is).

Guess my only route is to try some more burns and hope for the best, and RMA if it’s not.

I also emailed Samsung, if they get back to me I’ll post back to that thread you pointed out to me with any additional information on Superlink.

Thanks again!


Are you burning CD-R or DVDR media? I had the same issue with you. 9 out of my 10 CD-R burned with Samshung SH-S182D had buffer underrun error and failed… sigh, I tested many other CD-R media and the Samsung SH-S182D can’t burn right on CD-R, and the CD-R they successfully burned is low in quality. Also, I found out Samsung SH-S182D doesn’t have any CD-R media code information stored in its firmware, so no strategy for specific CD-R media here.


Really? I doubt that.


I’m burning only CD-R, so far… Haven’t tried any DVDR’s, yet (want to get this problem tied down before I start using my precious Taiyo Yudens :rolleyes: ).

So far, I’ve had 4 out of 9 buffer underruns: 4 out of 6 before I updated my Nero, and 0 out of 3 after I did. But, only the first of my coasters was officially a “buffer underrun” error; after I updated my firmware to SB03 via the auto-update, they were all called “invalid write state” errors, although I assumed the same thing was happening internally (see my first post in this thread). [I]However[/I], I just looked at the top label on the burner, and it says that SB03 is what came installed on it, not an earlier one as I had assumed – so that gets confusing… Were all of your buffer underruns called as such?


Samsung didn’t get back to my emails, but I spoke to a tier 2 person on the phone and he said that the Superlink feature (as well as Lightscribe, in general) needs software to run. I think he was looking at their database on Superlink, so this should be accurate; another tier 2 person on another call also said the same thing.

I wasn’t able to shed light beyond that, really. In fact, there were some contradicting bits: Superlink apparently was supported since Nero 5.something, so my theory that my version was the culprit gets shot to hell; however, one of the people mentioned that there was an extensive troubleshooting section on the Nero site regarding Superlink, although I wasn’t able to find this and wasn’t able to get the same person back later on.

Just to add to the knowledge base of the forum a little. Thanks for the help all. :slight_smile:

Here’s some conflicting info that says the opposite of what the Samsung people said - sigh.


Try burning with ImgBurn v2 - the best! :wink:


Thanks chef, I actually didn’t know about ImgBurn before this forum… but a lot of people seem to like it, I think I’ll check it out as an alternative. Although Nero is working for me now, I don’t really appreciate some of the inconsistencies in the way it works.

I tested enough burns to know everything’s working properly now… to summarize my problem for future reference, it basically was Nero not being updated that I was having the buffer underrun problems. 5.3.x.x was supposedly okay, but for me it had to be the latest ( wasn’t okay), for Superlink (slowing down/stopping the burn for the buffer to catch up).

Oh, and Superlink doesn’t have a checkbox when burning a DVD in Nero v. (while it does when burning a CD), but it seems to be there anyway, functioning. The “Start multisession” yet being stuck in “Disc-at-once” had me scratching my head too, but that is the proper way for Nero to burn multisession DVD’s, apparently.