SH-S182 not recognized in external (USB) case

Hello everyone;
I recently purchased a “Mad Dog” Megastor internal DVD burner. I had an old external cd burner laying around, and thought what the hell, i’ll put the burner in that case and it should work just fine… Windows seems to think its still an HP cd burner, and is requesting a driver disk… I cannot seem to find any drivers for external dvd-burners because, well, windows shouldn’t need a driver for it.

Pertinent Specifications:
Computer: Toshiba Satellite (L25 series)
Operating System: Windows XP Pro SP2
Dvd Writer Model: SH-S182D/BEBE (says its made by toshiba?)
External USB case: Hewlet Packard HP 8220e / 8230e

I have tried uninstalling the USB controllers, using different slave/master/cable select settings, all to no avail.

If anyone here can help me get this working, I’ll be extraordinarily greatful.


Make sure your USB case has a 80 wire cable that connects to your drive.
Make sure your drive is jumpered as Master.
Make sure your external case supports USB 2.
Make sure your computer’s USB Hub supports USB 2.
You can obtain this info (except for the confirmation of the 80 wire cable, you’ll need to look yourself) by downloading a program called USB Info at:
They have a free trial version.
Be aware that you cannot stress test cd/DVD drives with this program over a USB connection, however it will give you all the information about your USB capability you will want to know.
Some external case bridgeboards can be upgraded with newer firmware. Some bridge boards are incompatible with optical drives. your old CD external case may be the latter.
You can get the newest and latest NEC or OXford or Prolific based Bridgeboards in an external case at a dealer such as Dealsonics. Look in the Big External case thread for more info.
I recently picked up two “NEO” NEC based external USB cases for approx $20.00/each including tax & shipping using a discount coupon.