SH-S162L Scanning vs Liteon or BenQ or?

Following a hint in a thread here, I have my new SH-S162L successfully scanning with Nero CD Speed. This now leads me to a question–does anyone know how the scans from the Samsung drives compare to the scans from other writers?

I assume that I should be scanning at 4X.

Thanks for any pointers,


I have the S162W and the scan comes out very different from my NEC3550A scans. Don’t have any way of really testing which is better, but I would trust the NEC scans.


In my experience the Samsung scans can be compared with Liteon scans.

That’s good news. Thanks!

Both at 4X?


I´m scanning 8x on my Samsung SH-W162L what give pretty the same results as 4x.
I think 8x is standard for scanning with the 5S and 6S Liteon models in the Liteon-forum too.