SH-S162L Lightscribe problem

Hi all!

I’m new, I’m Dutch and I’ve got a problem with my new Samsung DVD-burner…

After designing a Lightsribe label I’m not able to burn it on my Philips LightSribe DVD. Althouhg I have the disc inserted properly and the software says it’s burning, absolutely nothing has happened when the disc comes out. I have the latest firmware (TS-06) and I’ve tried Nero 7 and SureThing software, both resulting in blanc LS media. I’ve searched the net, and found more people have the same problem. Although I couldn’t find a real solution to the problem. I hope you guys can help me! All help is appreciated.

Cheers, Maarten

Hi, did you find a solution? I have exactly the same problem.
I contacted my retailer and they suggested using the latest firmware, but I am also using TS-06.


Maybe the LS soft needs an update.

Phil. The problem is widespread. On both a Dutch and German forum I met a few guys with exactly the same problem. One of them had called Samsung, and they said it is a manufacturing flaw. So I changed my writer for for another SH-S162L and it works (though the fourth DVD was blanc again! Fifth was fine…). So I suggest you change your writer. Up to you if you stick with Samsung though… One of the guys on the Dutch forum changed his also for another SH-S162L and it had exactly the same problem.

I ran the latest firmware (TS-06) and latest LS software and used Nero and SureThing software, all with no effect. It just is a design/manufacturing flaw.