SH-S162L Lightscribe Communication Error

Yep, yet another Lightscribe query.

I recently bought the SH-S162L and installed it. It burns CDs and DVDs fine, no problems there.

However, when I try to use the Lightscribe feature to write a label, I always the communication error.

I have read through hundreds of posts on here and tried many different suggestions to no avail. I have updated the firmware and Lightscribe software and tried all sorts of different versions of Nero. Lightscribe wont work with Nero, Surething or Lightscribe’s own labeller so I’m guessing its some sort of driver issue?!?!?!?

If anybody has the SH-S162L and successfully uses Lightscribe, can you tell me what versions of each bit of software/firmware you are using?



now, wheres that damn cd pen gone.

Here’s a really good tip that I advised to someone else who had the same problem as you did and got a working answer. Go to and find the “Contact Us” link and submit a ticket. My friend said that he got the computer fix he needed. I’ve also heard of that problem before on different people and I sent them there. They’re your best bet for a solution.