sh-s162L cannot read dvd but cd okay

i purchased a dvd light scribe burner 2 months ago. it was working well. i burns, reads and lightscribe right but last week, when i was burning, it just stopped doing it in the middle of the process. then after that, it cannot read dvds anymore. i tried to download the firmware updates and its not doing any good. i even tried to surf the net. whats weird is that when i put a cd on it, it works okay. only on dvds. both with data on it or without.

i checked the setup and its on dma. i dont know what to do anymore. when i put dvds on it, the light indicator of the cpu acts like its reading and it even makes sounds like its reading it but its not. i tried to wait for it to load but it takes me forever. i dont think it would work anymore. can you tell me what’s wrong with it?


can you try the drive in another computer? Possibly the laser unit for DVD has died.


i havent tried it. but what i did, coz before, it was just a slave drive but i reinstall it and made it the master and only by itself. it didnt do any good. will that make any difference if i do it to a different computer?

Try it out.